Wall Water Fountains

A Great Addition to any Home or Office Space

Water wall floor fountain

Kenroy wall water fountain. This fountain rests on the floor with nearly no installation time check it out in our store.

Let’s face it. We live in a stressful world. The mortgage is due. The kids have two hours of homework ahead of them, and the alternator just went out in the mini-van.
Want to scream yet? Join the club. We all have those moments. So anytime we can do something that will decrease our stress level, as well as our blood pressure, it’s definitely a good thing.
You might not think something as simple as a wall water fountain would be a significant step towards reducing your stress levels, but think again. The peaceful, calming sounds that come from a wall fountain can be just what the doctor ordered, and can offer a tranquil spot in your own home that you can go to when the 2-year-old twins are at it again.
A wall water fountain can range from something very simple to something extremely elaborate and eccentric. What type of fountain, and how much space it occupies at your homestead, is entirely up to you.

Pre-Made Wall Water Fountains

In our affiliate store, we have a lot of different wall style fountains available with limited setup time needed and no professional labor should be required. If you decide to go large scale do it yourself you should continue reading to see what will be involved. You don’t have to have waterfalls and streams running through your house to enjoy the peaceful serenity of a wall fountain.

DIY it!

If you’re pretty handy with a hammer, and fairly nifty with nails, then this is a project that you can easily take on yourself. However, if you have any doubt about your

Montera outdoor wall fountain

This Montera wall fountain costs well under $100 and requires barely any setup time.

abilities, then it’s always best to hire a contractor to have it professionally installed. The last thing you want is a water leak that ruins your walls. When in doubt, hire it out.
Wall water fountains can actually be placed inside a home, or outside in a garden setting. But you first have to determine the size and style of the fountain that will best suit your personality. Costs for materials and installation vary greatly, but at minimum, you’ll have about $300 bucks in a very simple system.
If you’re looking to install something on a larger scale, then costs could run anywhere from $4,000 to $5,000. But on average, most homeowners spend between $2-$3,000 including labor and installation. While that does sound like a lot of money up front, many families consider it an investment in their overall health and well-being. A wall water fountain offers somewhat of an oasis, a “home away from home” type of feeling that you’re on vacation, when in reality, you’re sitting in your living room.
But you can cut labor costs considerably by doing it yourself, or enlisting the help of your handy-dandy family members. Remember your cousin Jim who built a log cabin with his bare hands? Yeah, you’re going to need to call Jim for this one.

Make a list

If you are making like the host of your own DIY show, then don’t even begin until you know exactly what materials you will need. And now is not the time to go chintzy on materials. The higher quality the material, the better off your finished product will be. And don’t be afraid to get advice from contractors and homeowners who have already installed a wall water fountain. Chances are, they already know the bumps and bruises you can experience along the way, and help you avoid those detours.