Stone Garden Fountains

The Stone Garden Fountain

Cascading stone garden fountain

The Cascading stone garden fountain available in our store.

Creating Serenity that Soothes the Soul

One of the best ways to relax and unwind after a day of life’s challenges is retreating to the serenity of your own home and immersing yourself in the luxury of flowering shrubs and lush greens where color abounds. The only thing missing is a focal point. Whether you meditate or just want to get into a Zen vibe or just need something eye-catching to compliment the color, a stone garden fountain can add the depth and dimension that really makes a statement in your garden.

Set the Tone with a Specific Design

Stone Garden fountains help set the tone for relaxation and rejuvenation. A stone garden fountain is not just an accent piece, it’s a work of art. Whether you help design your own, or select one beautifully designed and hand-crafted by skilled artisans, Stone Garden Fountains come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors that will add an element of style and grace to any garden or room in your home.

Hand Crafted By Skilled Artisans

The Go Yard Stone fountain

Go Yard Cascade Stone Outdoor Fountain

Most stone garden fountains are free standing, however there are also many dazzling varieties that look spectacular against any exterior wall. When you add a stone garden fountain as an accent piece to your garden you’re adding to create an environment that is both exhilarating as well as relaxing. Many of these stone features and garden fountains are hand crafted by skilled artisans and come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes that add the perfect accent piece to your patio, lanai, deck, garden or rooftop.

Perfect for Home and Business Settings

But don’t limit yourself to just installing these beautiful pieces of art in your home. If you own a business, there isn’t a better way to welcome your customers and put them at ease than with a stone garden fountain. You’ll often find these beautiful decorative pieces in the lobbies or in doctor’s or dentist offices. Combine that with the some tranquil music and your blood pressure will resume to normal in no time.

A Unique and Thoughtful Gift Giving Idea

Small stone garden fountains also make wonderful, thoughtful and unique gifts. They come with the promise of tranquility and serenity and are perfect for those going through a difficult time.
Your choices are only limited by your imagination. You can choose an existing stone garden fountain at any local store that has a garden department, order online, or find unique and one of a kind pieces at garden and art shows. Or, create your own.

Consult a Professional when Necessary

Depending on the type of stone garden fountain you choose, you may need to consult the help of a professional to make certain it is installed correctly. Most larger varieties require pumps, while smaller, tabletop versions that can be displayed on a patio table are manually operated with easy to follow instructions.

Whether it is a gift for you or someone else, a stone garden fountain is the perfect choice when you’re looking for an accent piece that adds an element of tranquility and serenity, in addition to beauty.