Indoor Water Fountains

Create Serenity Inside Your Home with Water

Kenroy indoor wall water fountain

Kenroy indoor wall water fountain

In a Perfect World, We would all Have Hot Tubs

We’re all familiar with the soothing benefits of water. One of the first things that comes to mind after a long day at the office is either immersing ourselves in a luxurious bath or a bubbling hot tub. Water seems to be the perfect ingredient that soothes everything from aching muscles to a tired mind. However, when time doesn’t permit or space is limited, those options may not be viable or available to us. Another way to decompress is to sit in a park or our garden where we can hear the gentle rippling and gurgle of a fountain. Again, a perfect solution to promote serenity, but not always convenient.

Just Add Water

What about bringing the outdoors inside with an indoor fountain. In addition to their natural beauty, the benefits of having an indoor fountain are many. When you place an indoor fountain in a room, it immediately creates a soothing, relaxing and comfortable atmosphere and changes the dynamic of not just the room but also your state of mind. You don’t even need to sit down to enjoy it. From the moment you walk into the room, the Zen-like vibes spread through the entire house, filtering any negative or frustrating thoughts. Have you ever noticed that when you walk into a doctor’s office, a dental office or even a bank or financial institution, many choose to display indoor water fountains? That’s because these types of offices are typically ones where people are nervous upon entering. It’s been proven that the sound of the gentle lapping of water soothes the soul and melts away tension.

Purifying for the Mind as Well as the Air

Additionally, another benefit of an indoor fountain not well known is that running water will attract negative ions that are like magnets for particles of dirt in the air. When you install an indoor fountain it pulls dirt out of the air and acts as a natural air purifier. While there are air purifiers on the market today specifically targeted for this, they can’t compare to the beauty and tranquility an indoor fountain provides.

Proven to Reduce Stress

Along the same lines as what the purpose is for the indoor fountains installed by doctors, dentists and other businesses, having an indoor

fountain in your home also promotes relaxation and helps decrease depression symptoms. If you suffer from high blood pressure or anxiety, just the sound and having running water within your view relaxes your mind and lowers tension. It can also help with poor sleep patterns, helping you create a welcome environment so you sleep more peacefully in the evenings.
There are a wide variety of indoor fountains from which to choose. From a simple tabletop version used as an accent piece to a more elaborate wall fountain that greets you as soon as you walk in the front door, indoor water fountains are the perfect remedy for stress relief.