Outdoor Water Fountains

Outdoor Water Fountains Create Long-Lasting Tranquility

Wooden barrel outdoor or patio fountainEnhance Your Garden with Water
If you’re looking to enhance your garden with a water feature, an outdoor garden fountain may be the missing piece you’ve been looking for. An outdoor water fountain is one of the best options when choosing to add a centerpiece to compliment your garden or yard.

Versatility and Tranquility Await

Water features are an easy way to add versatility and tranquility to your existing garden, or, you can design your garden around the fountain and build from there. The wide range of styles and materials means you can match just about any landscape design you currently have and blending it to suit that style.

Spouting Fountains Offer a Dramatic Effect

There are several types of fountains from which to choose. One such type is the spouting fountain, which tends to have the most dramatic effect. Easy to add to any existing water feature, such as a swimming pool or pond, the spouting water fountain sprays water up into the air via a pipe and pump that gives a striking, plume-like effect. You can use a stand-alone spouting fountain, or have one installed with a nozzle in an existing statue. Either option is affordable and easy to install and gives a gorgeous overall effect to your garden, pool or yard.

Cascading pools fountainThe Beauty of the Cascading Fountain

Another outdoor water fountain option is the cascading fountain. More subtle than the spouting fountain, the cascade design uses multiple levels, causing the water to overflow from one level to the next. Examples of cascading fountains can be seen in the traditionally tiered fountain, however other designs, such as those where the water flows through a series of pots or containers, also make wonderful focal points. Typically self-contained, the cascading fountain offers the all the beauty of other fountains, but because all the necessary plumbing is housed inside the unit, there is no need to spend extra money hiring a plumber of fountain specialist for the job.

Pondless is a Perfect Choice for Either Back or Front Yards

Another beautiful type of outdoor water fountain is the pondless fountain. With a base constructed of a non-traditional structure such as an urn, column or boulder, the pondless fountain’s base is often placed on a bed of river rocks or gravel so that water can drain through to the reservoir below. An enhancement to any yard or garden, the pondless fountain looks good when displayed in both the front and backyards.

Wall Fountains Add Embellishment

A wall fountain can add instant beauty to any fence or wall in your yard and is a smart choice if your space is limited. There are several styles that will turn your fence from drab to dynamite. Just be sure that if you choose this option, you need to add a fountain mask to the wall along with a basin below to catch the water and avoid flooding which could cause damage to any plants underneath.
Regardless of where you place them, outdoor water fountains promise to add beauty and tranquility and create the perfect retreat for you to escape, relax and enjoy some of life’s simpler pleasures.