Garden Fountains

It’s Time to Spring into Action with an Ornamental Garden Fountain

Garden fountain and pond

Paradise in Your Own Backyard

Springtime is in full bloom and with it comes a gorgeous palette of color. Nature’s canvas comes alive with an array of flowering plants, shrubs and greens. Add to that the sound of soothing water from a trickling garden fountain and you’ve just created paradise on earth in your own backyard. With the endless array of styles, colors and designs from which to choose, you’re only limited by your own imagination to creating your own Garden of Eden.

Add Tranquility to any Room in Your Home

Garden Fountains, or aquatic gardens, are water features designed to enhance the architecture of any interior or exterior landscape. Whether you choose to adorn them with aquatic plants, or feature ornamental fish such as Japanese Koi, a garden fountain will compliment and add tranquility to any room in your home.
From the Abstract to the Whimsical, Find a Design that Speaks to You
Designs range from the simple to ornate, depending on your particular taste and décor in your home or garden. Whimsical fairies, animals and fish along with abstract pieces are just a few of the designs of water gardens from which to choose. You can find them in the garden centers of most well-known stores like Home Depot, Wal-Mart and Lowe’s, in addition to specialty garden shops. You can also find beautiful one of a kind pieces designed by artists at art and garden shows. There are even kits that allow you to create, design and build your own. Depending on your yard or garden space, or place in which you want to display the garden fountain along with your water supply, you may want to choose more than one.

Do Your Homework Prior to Purchase

Most aquatic plants are depth sensitive, so water gardens are typically small and relatively shallow in depth. Make sure you research the particular type of aquatic plant you wish to place in your water garden prior to purchase to determine the appropriate surface area and depth required for maximum growth. It’s also important to make sure you place the water garden in an area where the plant or fish will thrive. Certain aquatic plants and fish require specific amounts of sunlight and shade along with a pre-determined water temperature.

A Perfect Addition to Any Room Inside or Outside Your Home

Garden fountains come in all shapes and sizes. These hardscape pieces are a perfect addition to any patio, sunroom, garden lanai, indoor or outdoor garden or greenhouse. The materials used to create these beautiful pieces range from cast stone to fiberglass, ceramic, stainless steel, copper and other durable materials made to withstand constant sunlight, shade and other natural elements. A garden fountain is an affordable way to add depth and dimension to your garden, be it large or small. Water gardens add an element of peace, serenity and tranquility to any space you’re looking to beautify.